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Manufacturer of perlite expansion systems and mineral milling equipment offering 35 years of expertise in the field.

Your reliable business partners in Turkey

About Us

Founded in 1990 as a family company PMC Mining, Engineering and Machinery Industry Co. develops and manufactures various equipment for the use of perlite expansion and mineral milling and grinding with the brand PMC Perlite, offering 35 years of experience in the field of perlite processing.


PMC Company believes that the art and technology behind the expansion of perlite and grinding of minerals have evolved and will continue to evolve with respect to sectoral diversification, technological advancements and changing demands of related industries. Thus, PMC Company offers systems that are fully capable of responding to such advancements and changes through sophisticated design, high quality of materials and craftsmanship, increased efficiency and capacity.


PMC Company operates based on values built on reliability and confidence with its clients from design phase to the final phase including post-purchase commissioning and consultancy services fulfilling the standards of CE, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.


perlite expansion

Turnkey plant


PMC builds portable perlite expansion systems for cryogenic perlite expansion and complete line of turnkey plant perlite expansion systems for all grades of perlite expansion designed and customized to fit perfectly to your site.


turnkey plant

filter-aid production systems


laboratory perlıte expansıon systems


vertical perlite expansion furnaces


Rotary ore preheaterS


jet-pulse air Filter baghouses



PMC manufactures cage mills specifically design for micronizing expanded perlite and its own unique PMC Wind Mill for the milling and grinding of minerals and many more. 


auxiliary machinery

PMC manufactures burners and packing machines to complete perlite expansion systems or equipment such as the vertical expansion furnaces or rotary ore preheaters.


project design &ENGINEERING

PMC designs custom projects made precisely to meet each and every requirement.


After delivery of our turnkey systems, PMC team of engineers take a visit to our client's site to supervise the easy assembly  of our systems and commission the system, staying until first product comes through smoothly, working day and night , if necessary.


35 years of experience in the field and know-how can help you with anything perlite related.


Perlite Institute Membership Certificate

Why PMC?

Highest quality material & craftsmanship
turnkey perlite expansion
Turnkey installation services
35 years of expertise
Custom design
Easy maintenance 
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