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Perlite Expansion Services


PMC Perlite serves you with 35 years of expertise in perlite industry and perlite expansion to determine what you need with no hesitation of taking a visit to your plant.


Perlite expansion systems are complex. PMC team makes sure that every item is packed securely and optimally to fit to minimum number of transport vehicles for the easiest delivery.

Project Design & Engineering

Every system is unique. PMC's team of engineers design the most tailored perlite expansion projects made precisely to meet each and every requirement of our clients.

Installation and Commissioning

After delivery, PMC team visits client's site for 10 days to supervise the easy assembly of our perlite expansion systems and commission the system, staying until making sure.

3D Printing

Using the 3D printing technology, PMC is able to exhibit its clients the 3D print of the perlite expansion system or equipment to be delivered to ensure mutual agreement.

Maintenance & Spareparts

PMC provides consultancy for the easy maintenance of its perlite expansion systems as well as supply of spare parts for its built perlite expansion systems all around the world. 

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