Why PMC?


Each PMC project, equipment and part is a result of an artful progress synthesized with intellect, experience and technology. Every detail, cutting, welding, coating, painting, and finishing is calculated, planned, performed and handled with great care, caution and passion. 


High Quality Material

Due to the nature of perlite expansion and milling processes, PMC systems and equipment endures high heat and corrosion for years to come. It takes high quality materials to create worthy results. When it comes to material, PMC loves to make a great display. 


Advanced Technology

Controlling parameters such as heat, combustion air and flow of material is crucial for the consistent quality and fine reduction of final product. All PMC products comes equipped with electronic control systems and mechanisms to enable adjustment of such parameters.

Real Expertise

Perlite is a living material. With the right processing, it lives everywhere. Right processing is what we call “speak its language”. One cannot design perlite processing equipment without speaking perlite. After 35 years, we speak perlite, we bleed perlite, PMC is perlite. 


Friendly Client Service

Since PMC is a family-owned company, we have a company culture radicated from our family bondage; a culture built on values reliability and confidence in another. Our values go beyond our family, extending to our business relations: Making us and our clients invincible.